Sarasota International Office Park

Designed with a Mediterranean feel, this office complex offers an effective courtyard layout which insures great lighting for every unit.

THE NEW OFFICE AND OFFICE-WAREHOUSE CONDOMINIUM for Fruitville Partners, at the Sarasota International Office Park, Sarasota, Florida was designed as a speculative three building complex of two, single story office condominium buildings composing a total of 19,600 square divided into sixteen similar office suites and a one story office-warehouse condominium building of 13,500 square feet with nine almost identical units. A Mediterranean aesthetic, with minimum decoration located strategically for maximum effect, coupled with an entrance tower attached to the smaller 6,000 square foot office building at the center of the three building grouping, helps compose the interstitial spaces between the buildings as a courtyard, rather than fomenting an austere parking lot. Two smaller courtyards are articulated in the large 13,450 square foot, twelve suite office building, allowing light to access every occupied space of this building.

Each of the occupied spaces including offices and conference rooms (except two offices and a conference room of one of the sixteen suites) are day lit with a minimum twenty square feet of green tinted laminated glazing in deep green colored storefront framing; the office portion of the office warehouse suites is day lit at the reception area and office; the rear warehouse is has translucent panel day lighting. In addition to the courtyard composition of the three buildings, two smaller courtyards articulated the massing of the large 13,450 square foot, 12 suite office building, allowing daylight to access every office of this building.


The aesthetic utilized engages a very simple but clearly composed building geometry. High sloped barrel tiled roofs accentuate the tower and exterior entry features of each building; while the main of the office building volumes are roofed with a high reflectance, low slope PVC roof membrane. The office warehouse building has a white, low slope structural metal roof. The office buildings feature concrete and masonry walls; the roof structure is composed of structural steel and open web steel joist roof framing with light gauge steel deck. The office warehouse building walls and roof are light gauge steel framing and sheathing, supported by a structural steel moment frame. All of the building walls and roofs are fully insulated at the exterior perimeter; all spaces, including unused attic area, are a part of the insulated envelope. The each of the office buildings suites are individually air conditioned with high efficiency roof top units; the offices of each of the office warehouse units is cooled with small split (air handler/condenser) units.